ICC scraps boundary count rule
ICC scraps boundary count rule

ICC scraps the boundary count rule: Many cricket lovers were shocked after watching the final of ICC cricket world cup 2019. First time in the history of modern cricket a super over was tied and that too in the final of world championship.

ICC Scraps the boundary count rule that decided the winner of 2019 world champion in cricket

14th October 2019

ICC world cup 2019

ICC cricket world championship match was a nightmare for New Zealand’s fan. Many of the England’s fan were also confused after wining the world cup. How the favourite of the ICC world cup 2019 won the match was nothing but a total drama. The match was tied and the super over was such a interesting one that the super over also got tied.

After the super over was tied the winner was selected by a very old pathetic rule of ICC which says that the team with maximum boundary will win the match if super over is also tied.

ICC Scraps the boundary count rule after super over

All the cricket lovers criticized this method of predicting the winner. Now ICC has waken up and decided to scrap this boundary count procedure to select a winner after super over results in a tie.

According to the latest news if super over is tied then again a fresh super over will be played to decide the winner of the match. Thus repeated super over will be played unless one team wins the match.

ICC boundary count rule problem

ICC cancelling boundary count rule for predicting winner of the match is one of the much needed step. No cricket lover was supporting this measure for deciding the winner of a match. Mere boundary numbers cant decide the winner of a match. No team comes to bat by thinking that we have to hit more boundary so that if super over gets tied we can win this match.

Boundary can never decide the winner as some time getting singles and playing sensibly is better then hitting sixes and fours. We are in support of this great step taken by ICC. We hopes that ICC brings such changes in future so that this game of cricket entertain public more and more.


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