World cup final

Cricket World cup 2019 has seen many ups and downs, but the main drama was reserved for the finals. Who has thought that the final match between England and New Zealand will end up in a Tie? And that even guessed how many super over resulted in a Tie. Finally, England won Cricket world cup 2019 after the super over drama, read this article to know how England won its maiden Cricket World cup.

New Zealand after winning toss decided to bat first and put up a decent target of 241 runs on the boards. The main match was between the England strong batting line and New Zealand’s Pace attack. Both Team had their better and the match finally came to a tie when England was restricted to 241 runs exactly the same runs as that of New Zealand.

After the Tie England came to bat with both their best performing batsmen of the match that is Ben Stokes and Jos Butler. They both put up a very good score of 15 runs in an over. In reply, New Zealand sent in James Neesham and Martin Guptill. Martin Guptill was on strike and his team wanted 2 runs on the last ball of the super over. He only managed a single and was run out of the last ball. thus the super over also ended up in a tie where both Teams scored 15 runs.

England won after super over Tie

So How does England win the cricket world cup? this question comes to every mind. The answer is simple according to ICC rules when a super over end up in a tie. The team with maximum boundaries combined of both the innings wins. England has hit 22 boundaries whereas New Zealand only managed 14. Thus England emerged as the winner.

Finally, the game won both teams performed well. Anyone could have won this world cup but England emerged victoriously. This game of cricket was a thriller to watch and ended up with fantastic note.


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