Violence on SC, ST minorities women

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Attacks against SC, ST, Women & minorities Increasing in India

India gained its independence on the eve of 15th August 1947 and eventually drafted its constitution in 1950. Indian constitution is based on the secular principle and it talks about equality, fraternity, and brotherhood. But even after 7 decades of its drafting actual constitution never came into practice. Attacks against SC, ST, Women & minorities propels me to this conclusion. Violence on SC & ST in India is a common phenomenon in India. Some common Problem that needs urgent action is cow vigilantism, Hindutva Assaults on minorities, Lynching, religious intolerance, fear and hate politics, and discrimination. Media News channel also doesn’t talk much about it as they also think it’s common in this new modern India (Kalyug).


Can we say India is a developing country?

Even though we are a developing country and will even get a tag of a developed country in a short span of time. But what made me ask this question was that can a developing country discriminate among the human resources that it has. As a developing country, our focus should be on infrastructure, resource mobilization, improving the efficiency of our resources, employment, financial stability, defense and security, import and export, and many other such issues.

Violence and attacks increasing with time

As we know that India is a democratic country and it is secular in nature and equality before law and constitution are the guiding principles. So how these atrocities and violence happens. Why SC, ST, Women, and minorities still not given equal treatment and respect that they deserve. These are some questions that we need to ask ourself in order to be called a true national of a great country.

Defaming India globally.

Have these infringe elements ever thought what they are doing, they are defaming India globally. India is a great country and has a pleasant history associated with itself. India is known for its diversity in religion, language, race, caste, and living. India is famous for its diversity. When India got divided Britisher was sure that this diverse country cannot run itself for even a decade and finally they will disintegrate as a country. But our ancestors have proved them wrong in all sphere. And we were running our country very smoothly until these hate and fear politics came into existence.

Some politicians and businessmen for their benefits are again acting like English East India Company, they are dividing us for their gains. It is we who have to think that are we making India proud or shamed.

Recent Incidences of attacks on SC, ST, Minorities and women.

There are several incidences of atrocities and assault on SC, ST, women, and minorities which can be read daily in the newspaper. even though the maximum of these incidences are not reported and are unnoticed by the press. You can imagine how difficult it is for a Dalit family to go against a high caste person and report it to police. Even if they got the courage to go against them the society or the village are against them.

You can imagine the life of a poor normal Dalit person, how difficult it is for him to live in this caste-based society and go against the higher caste individuals. For instance, I will like to give an example that will clear the title of this post why I have mentioned increasing attacks on SC & ST. Recently this happened in Gujrat, a Dalit vise sarpanch of the village his name was Manjhibhai Solanki whose wife was the sarpanch of the village got killed. He and his wife were poor and being a Dalit sarpanch, many of the villagers didn’t like that. There was always a threat given earlier too. He was assaulted many times. This kind of Intolerance is very common in villages where lower caste are looked upon as a second division citizen of India. They are deprived of their rights. They are not allowed to compete with higher caste persons.

Manjhibhai Solanki even though being up-sarpanch of the village he was killed this shows how intolerant our society has been towards these lower caste individuals. This has always prevailed in our society and the discrimination of lower caste is widening very fast since the last decade.

Data Related to violence against SC, ST and Women

  • According to data published by the National Crime Record Bureau ( NCRB), Exploitation and assault on Dalit, SC, and ST have increased by 66% from 2007-2017.
  • Six Dalit women are raped every day which get registered, many are not even registered and are disposed of.
  • A Dalit faces criminal activity and is assaulted every 15 minutes.
  • More than 13 Dalit individuals are murdered every week.
  • Five Dalit homes are put on the fire every week.

The truth behind these violence

These acts of violence are seen as a law and order failure by many, but its major cause is ignored. The major cause of these lynching, atrocities, intolerance, and violence are our underdeveloped society. Our society is still living in the past prejudice where discrimination on the basis of caste religion, race, sex, and social status were considered normal. Some of the members of our society are not ready to accept the constitution which strictly prohibits any discrimination on these bases.

Way Forward

Some strict steps are needed to be taken by the government to make it clear that no criminal and unconstitutional activity is justifiable even in the name of mass people gathering like lynching or religious basis such as cow vigilantism. These unsocial elements present in our society need to be punished so that this kind of incidences are stoped.

Another important step is that the backward class people need to be informed of their rights. As they are unaware of their rights they are fooled and suppressed. Educating Backward class people, SC, ST, Minorities, and women is very important and central and state government should take suitable steps for this.


India Being such a great country with a rich heritage and wealthy past history. Such an incidence of violence and discrimination certainly tarnish the image of India globally. We as a responsible citizen should work to eliminate such incidence in future and the accused criminals should be punished strictly. Secular and Equality which are enshrined in the constitution should be made in practice.


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